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The photos of this page are all made during a weekend in April 2000. But they are only a poor image of the full beauty of that countryside. I didn't have more time because I was there for working.
The Numbers under the photos define the position on the map on the lower part  of this page.

Viewpoint Califer  with sight on the bay of Muray firth


Eileen Donan Castle


The bridge to Eileen Donan Castle


In background the mountains of the inner hebrides (6)

Cluanie Lodge at Loch Cluanie

Urquhart Castle


Urquhart Castle at Loch Ness (3)

View to Ben Nevis

Blick from Ben Nevis in north direction (9)

View from Ben Nevis in direction north ost (9)

View from the Isle of Skye (8)

Isle of Skye (8)

Bridge in Invermoriston at Loch Ness (4)

Loch Alsh with bridge to the Isle of Skye (7)

The bay of Loch Duich (6)

Loch Garry (5)

Loch Garry (5)

Loch Garry (5)

The Laggandamm (10)

Again Urquhart Castle with Loch Ness (3)

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Loch Ness (3)

Inverness (2)

On this map you can see the route I took at the specific weekend. In Invermorriston (4) I had bed and breakfast.

Blick vom Ben Nevis Loch Garry Blick auf die Brücke zur Isle of Skye Eileen Donan Castle Invermosriston Loch Ness bei Drumnadrochit Panoramablick auf Moray Firth

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